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Xuzhou Guoyou Glass Products Co., Ltd.
TEL:13645228227 / 0516-85100080
ADD:Eight Section Glass Industrial Park in Tongshan District of Xuzhou City

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The company mainly produces beer bottles. It has two glass kilns and ten production lines. It produces various types of beer bottles, medicine bottles and beverage bottles.

Wine bottle series

Essential oil bottle series

The company added a new brown bottle project, producing bottles from 5ml to 500ml, with a daily output of 1 million bottles.

The existing kiln has a daily output of 120 tons, four fully automatic Jiafeng row bottle-making machines, two sets of eight sets of double dripping materials, one set of eight sets of three dripping materials, and one set of six sets of four dripping materials.

We have professional production equipment.



The company always regards customer satisfaction as its unremitting pursuit。 Honest management and good corporate reputation win the trust and support of customers。


Based on the quality system certification of China Logo Accreditation Center, it has successfully passed the environmental management system certification and occupational health and safety management system certification.


Company profile

Xuzhou Guoyou Glass Products Co。, Ltd。 is located in the Eighth Section Industrial Park of Xuzhou Glass Production Base。

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